Privacy and Data Policy

Overall decisions pertaining to the PPHC website, its operation and development is managed by Oversight, a voluntary group of members of Princes Park Housing Co-op (PPHC).

The day to day operation of the PPHC is managed by Alan Wardle (a member of the Oversight), and complies with the Data Protection Act 2018, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU).

On behalf of Oversight, Alan Wardle will endevavour to provide data for this sight which is accurate and timely. If errors occur, neither Oversight or Alan Wardle will be liable for any losses, either directly or consequential.


Only Members of Princes Park Housing Co-op, can register with this site.

Membership Consent

Members of Princes Park Housing Co-op, wanting to register with this site, will need to provide name, email address, address and phone. By giving these details, consent will be considered given, for this information to be processed and stored, enabling the operation of the Members Registered Account.

Repair Consent

Registered Members of the site, utilizing the Repair feature, agree to the sharing of their information and repair details with the Agents and Contractors employed for work by the Co-op, in the pursuit of this work.

Feedback Consent

Registered Members of the site, utilizing the Consultation feature, agree to their Feedback being moderated, before being published, which could result in some feedback being removed or, not being published at all. Oversight has the final decision on removal of any Feedback. Oversight will not be liable for any Feedback expressed.

Rights of Access and Rectification

Registered Members of the site, have full access to ALL information regarding themselves, and can request any personal information to be amended (within 1 week).

Right to Erasure

Registered Members of the site, can withdraw their consent of membership. Resulting in all personel information being removed from the site (within 1 week).

Security Measures

The GDPR requires privacy by design. This has been implemented by using a role based system for the website. Only certain roles, have access to certain pages associated with a member identity. The site runs on a secure server, with data encryption.

Privacy Notice

All Registered Member information stored on the site, is used only to support the site operation for the Member. Information will not be shared with other parties (other than previously mentioned exceptions), without the expressed permission of the Registered Member.

For any further information

Oversight can be contacted on