Princes Park Housing Co-operative was established as a non-mutual in 1979 to provide good quality, affordable housing for people in Liverpool 8. We are a non-profit making organisation. Every tenant is offered the opportunity of becoming a member of the Co-operative by purchasing a non-interest yielding share. Every member has the right to say how the Co-operative is run and a vote for any proposal laid down for its future.

We now have nearly 100 units of accomodation situated around Princes Park in Liverpool. These properties are largely one, two and three bedroom self contained flats. But, we also have a small number of studio flats. Tenants of flats will generally share communal areas i.e. hallways, landings and gardens. Most properties have central heating and double glazing.

As the Co-operative is run by volunteers, and their is a lot of work involved in managing housing, we employ a service agent, North West Housing Services, to do the day-to-day work including maintenance, tenancy management, budget preparation and accounting work.